Our Story

Keep warm, stay cool

Pretty Fly premium merino socks are designed for discerning adventurers; explorers who appreciate form as they do function. Started by Becca in 2017, she noticed a gap in the market for locally produced, well made merino socks. She wanted to see a shift in perspective from cheap products only contributing negatively to the environment to a product that you can wear lots and wash less that will also last a lifetime. 

Sustainably produced at 87% merino wool, our super soft socks have one of the highest merino blends on the market. This makes each sock ultra-breathable, odour defying, and temperature regulating. 

Pretty Fly are stylish socks to take you from rugged coasts to alpine lakes and every river and stream in between. Don't be fooled by the fly fishing branding. These have been worn by all walks of life. 

No matter how far you venture, Pretty Fly keeps comfort and style close.