• Keep Warm, Stay Cool.

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Keep Warm, Stay Cool.

Keep Warm, Stay Cool.

Keep Warm, Stay Cool.

Keep Warm, Stay Cool.

They are epic. Wearing mine everyday

Jay Reeve

This is my 5th order of Pretty Flys - they are my fave socks, so thanks! 


Most comfortable socks I've ever owned. Love the branding 


I never take them off!


So comfy and I love the packaging!



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Proud of Our Product

Pretty Fly premium merino wool socks are designed for discerning adventurers; explorers who appreciate form as they do function.

Sustainably produced with a 100% merino wool yarn and having a breakdown of 87% wool the rest being nylon giving each sock the right amount of stretch, we have  the highest merino blend sock on the market. This makes each sock ultra-breathable, odour defying, and temperature regulating. 

We Think You're Pretty Fly

Share your Pretty Fly adventure with us by tagging @prettyflynz on instagram!

We love to see our product being used back in it's natural environment.

A Great Yarn

100% biodegradable

When a wool fibre is disposed of, it will naturally decompose in soil in a matter of years, slowly releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth.

Caring for your merino

Wool requires less washing than clothes made from other fibres. But when it is time to wash your favourite item, most wool garments can be machine washed at home. Here's how you can care for and make the most of your merino.  

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